Hello world!

Thanks for dropping by our blog! It’s been long overdue but the last few weeks have been a whirlwind of activity. For starters, we were highlighted on DartBoston’s awesome entrepreneurial show, Pokin’ Holes. You can catch the recording here:


It’s a a really candid (maybe too candid!) show that highlights RiotVine as an early stage startup prepping for a VC pitch in just a few days, and goes over where our focus should be. It’s a really informative look for anyone with VC dollar bills in their eyes.

And speaking of the pitch, you’ll be able to watch it, LIVE. It’s another DartBoston show called Capitalize. premiering Tuesday, 11/10/09. It’s an almost ridiculous idea that I couldn’t turn down. Huge, HUGE kudos to the DartBoston crew, especially Cort and Jake, for pulling this off.

In other site news, we’re currently prepping a few minor updates, one of which will put ticket links on a lot of our event pages so expect that very shortly. If you want more site news, be sure to follow @RiotVine, and if you want a healthy event feed for the Boston area, be sure to check out @RiotVineBoston



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