5 huge reasons to check out RiotVine

  1. Facebook Connect! Share events and see what your Facebook friends are doing. Click here to connect your Facebook account.
  2. Profiles! Get your own URL that you can share with your friends of all the events you’re interested in attending. Here’s mine! Want to see what a friend has planned this week? Look up their profile or..
  3. RSS! Subscribe to a feed that shows you the events your friends are interested in. You can add it to iGoogle so you can see what they’re planning.
  4. Buzz about it! Add your RiotVine profile to your Google profile and RiotVine will show up under Connected Sites in Google Buzz. You can auto-buzz events, so your Buzz followers can jump in.
  5. Mobile! Our beautiful mobile site just launched! Head to http://riotvine.com on your phone to check it out, discover events on the go and see the events your friends are interested in.

And a bonus sixth reason:
6. SXSW! If you’re going or have a friend that’s going, check out http://riotvine.com/sxsw for the easy guide to SXSW. You can easily search lists of parties and showcases, or for bands you want to see to find all the times they’re playing, see all the parties with free drinks, and easily find ones that don’t need a badge or wristband to attend.

That’s five good reasons to use RiotVine. If you’ve got a good reason why you don’t, drop us a line: http://riotvine.com/contact

Don’t be shy; we love to hear people think, even if you’re not a fan. And we’ll give you credit for your ideas.


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