Avoid the sausage.

I’m extremely proud to announce that RiotVine has unearthed the holy grail of event sites: which events have the best girl/guy ratio! That’s right; when browsing RiotVine you can now see how many people are at the event and your odds of meeting that someone special. For the night, anyway. Check it out at night when most people go out and watch it light up like this:
The odds are not in your favor

You don’t need to download anything to use it, just head to RiotVine.com right from your phone or computer.

With this solved, what’s next you ask? Peace on earth. We might need some help.

All of this was made possibly by our friends at Foursquare; check it out and use it for a couple days, you’ll love it!

[tweetmeme source=”@RiotVine” http://blog.riotvine.com/2010/03/17/avoid-the-sausage/%5D


One Response to “Avoid the sausage.”

  1. Marcus Andrews Says:

    This is a game changer. BADASS

    It will probably make viewing DartBoston events a little depressing…. o well.

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